Visiting an orthodontist for the first time? Great! You’ll feel so much better after getting your teeth fixed! A lot of people avoid smiling or exposing their teeth because of overlapping, overcrowded, or misaligned teeth. If that’s you and you’re nervous, you’re not alone. Our orthodontists are here to make your orthodontist experience amazing.

Tooth problems often worsen with time when patients shy away from getting professional help. Marie Curie rightly said: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less.” Here are 5 things you should expect from your first orthodontist visit.

1. The Ambiance

When you arrive, you’ll find some magazines to read and a television to watch while you wait for your appointment, and a special play area for kids to enhance your orthodontist experience. The individual rooms are typically very calm, bright, and pristine, each with its own patient chair, and a cabinet, sink, chair, lamp, and other tools for the staff. Our orthodontic facility is essentially designed to ensure a soothing ambiance.

2. Friendly Introductions

Much like a dentist’s office, you’ll be asked to wait until your name is called out. We want you to have the best experience, and our staff are professionally trained to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The orthodontist may engage you in a light chat about your personal and professional life. Once you are relaxed, the consultation process will begin.

3. Consultation Process and Oral Exam

If you have a referral from your dentist, the orthodontist may be aware of the kind of treatment you are needing. You’ll be asked to sit in the dentist’s chair that reclines. A thorough visual oral exam will be conducted. The orthodontist will inspect your current teeth alignment, palate, tongue, and throat. They will always do this in a comfortable and calm way to help you have the best orthodontist experience. Also, they will examine your face and will ask you to open and close the jaws. This helps the orthodontist in diagnosing any issues with the jaw.

After taking x-rays, the orthodontist will prescribe you a treatment plan. They will discuss your braces options and talk with you about the duration of the treatment.

Then, they will take impressions of your jaw to make molds and prepare your braces. A tray of soft material will be inserted in your mouth and you’ll be asked to press your teeth into it.

Examination of the mouth

4. Lots of X-Rays and Lots of Questions

As a part of the consultation process, the orthodontist may order a number of special x-rays of your teeth and face. You’ll be taken to a separate room with the x-ray machine. Multiple x-ray scans will be taken. An orthodontist will observe the x-ray reports to know of any problems in the facial structure or hidden parts of the teeth.

Now will be a good time to ask questions to make the most of your orthodontist experience. Orthodontists are highly professional and knowledgeable. They’re happy to answer any questions to give you the best orthodontist experience! So, if there’s anything bothering or confusing you, you can simply ask them. The treatment will become smooth if you are satisfied.

5. Payment and Documentation

Finally, you’ll be guided about the cost of treatment. You can also inquire about insurance options during your appointment. We would suggest contacting your insurance provider before going in for the appointment. If you are covered, you’ll be asked to fill out the necessary documentation. Remember to bring your driver’s license and insurance card.

If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment, talk to your local ElCampo dentist today about getting a referral or assisting you in-house!