Dentures and Bridges

“I was very pleased with our new dentist, his assistant and his office staff. My appointment today went very smoothly, I was totally informed on what was going to take place and I feel very comfortable with my future appointments.”

John O.

Missing or damaged teeth take a toll on your confidence and oral function—but we can help. Whether you need dentures or a bridge to restore your smile (or even just a single tooth), our El Campo Dentistry & Orthodontics in El Campo, Texas team will focus on aesthetics, fit and comfort to provide replacements that look like your natural teeth.

We provide:

  • Conventional full dentures (placed after the gum tissue has healed)
  • Immediate full dentures (placed right away but adjusted over time to provide the best fit)
  • Partial dentures or bridges (attached to natural teeth to fill in small gaps)

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At El Campo Dentistry & Orthodontics in El Campo, Texas, we believe that no one should have to live with decreased oral function or confidence. We want to help you rediscover the joy of a happy, healthy smile and enjoy the foods you love with the help of dentures or a bridge.

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