Are you longing for a brighter, whiter smile? It seems like everybody is whitening their teeth these days! Can you whiten your teeth with braces? Here’s what you should know before trying to ensure you get the right results.

Teeth Whitening and Braces

There are lots of whitening options available, from professional whitening to at-home treatments. But can you whiten your teeth with braces?

Since braces are fixed to your teeth, it’s best not to use whitening products on your teeth while you have braces, or you could be left with unwhitened areas of your teeth beneath your braces brackets that might stand out when you get your braces off.

Brightening Your Teeth with Braces

Fortunately, there are alternatives to whitening that you can safely use while you still have braces. Let’s talk about a couple of ways to brighten your smile without using whitening treatments.

Practicing good oral hygiene by flossing daily, brushing after each meal with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, and rinsing with a mouthwash can all help wash away food debris and plaque, allowing the natural brightness of your smile to shine through.

Getting a professional dental cleaning can take it one step further because your dental hygienist has the special tools and training to remove hardened tartar build-up that a regular toothbrush might leave behind.

The colors you choose for the bands on your braces brackets can also help your teeth to appear whiter, so ask your orthodontist at your next appointment for tips on how to style your braces to maximize the brightness of your smile!

End Goal in Sight!

If the answer to the question, “Can you whiten your teeth with braces?” feels discouraging, take heart! Your braces are only temporary! Your orthodontic treatment will be over before you know it, revealing your beautiful new smile — and in the meantime, there are still ways to brighten your smile!

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