Braces are often thought of as a cosmetic procedure. But braces do more than make your smile beautiful, they can also help make it more healthy! Here are several ways braces help your jaw.

Improves Teeth and Jaw Alignment

Braces can help correct teeth that are not aligned, creating a more natural bite where intercuspation can occur, which is when teeth naturally rest on top of one another. Getting your teeth and jaw into proper alignment can create better oral health, where teeth are less likely to fracture or crack while chewing, and grind teeth.

Can Improve Facial Symmetry

Realignment of the teeth and jaw can improve facial symmetry, and even highlight your bone structure in your face. The alignment of your teeth can affect the thinness or plumpness of your lips, and help the appearance of sunken cheeks or other areas impacted by the way your teeth are realigned. Gentle movement of the bones in your mouth and jaw can have an impact on how your face looks, and how your smile looks on it. This is just one way braces help your jaw.

Can Help with TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, when your lower jaw bone is out of alignment, can cause discomfort. One way braces help your jaw is to realign the teeth, and how they are aligned in relation to one another. Conditions like teeth grinding, or the way that misaligned teeth put pressure on the lower jaw can contribute to TMJ, meaning that in resolving these alignment issues, your Orthodontist may be able to help resolve TMJ as well.

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