Braces are awesome, but not always easy. We’ve got your back with a super handy summer survival guide for braces to help make things a bit easier as you embark on your summer fun and adventures. Now you can get back to worrying about more interesting things like which movie to see or if your crush will be at that pool party you were just invited to.

Braces-friendly Foods and Snacks

Before you go to the next picnic or barbeque, one of the first things you need as part of your summer survival guide for braces is a list of braces-friendly foods you can enjoy and foods to avoid! Foods to avoid include things that are crunchy, chewy, hard and foods that you may need to bite into like corn on the cob, a whole apple or bagel. But there are so many more foods you can enjoy than those you should avoid! Have some fun looking up ideas and planning ahead so you can contribute braces-friendly foods to the next get together with your family and friends. Some foods on the “avoid” list may also be safe to eat if you cut them into bite-sized pieces before consuming them, but always check with your orthodontist if in doubt.

Carry Dental Picks

Whether you’re packing for a road trip, vacation, summer camp or just headed to the mall to hang out for the day, it’s a good idea to take a dental pick with you wherever you go. They are tiny and super handy. While flossing daily is still essential, it can be difficult to thread floss through your braces in a pinch when you’ve got food stuck in your teeth or brackets. A dental pick can swiftly come to the rescue. Buying a value pack can be useful for stocking up anywhere they could be handy such as your purse, backpack, toiletry kit, car and any other handy place. A small carrying case may also be helpful to keep them in so they are always clean and ready for use.

Wear a Mouthguard for Sports

One more important aspect of a summer survival guide for braces is to remember, safety is a priority and when you’re playing sports spontaneously at the park or on the beach, it can be easy to forget to protect your teeth and braces like you normally would during an organized match. So when you get ready for your next beach trip or day at the park, don’t forget to bring your mouthguard to ensure your teeth and braces are properly protected from damage.

Keep Your Orthodontist’s Number Handy

No summer survival guide would be complete without reminding you to include your orthodontist’s phone number in your phone contacts and on the refrigerator. Don’t forget to give it to any babysitter, nanny, or day camp organizer along with other important emergency contacts. Even if you do your best to be careful to protect your braces, a loose or pulled wire happens to the best of us, and it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible so there is no disruption in your treatment or your summer fun!

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